Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reggio Emilia?

Reggio Emilia is an educational philosophy that is widely used in early childhood preschools.  You can learn more about this approach though these two Youtube links.

What is a maker?

“Makers are individuals who like to make, create, invent, and innovate. ... Makers have a mindset -- a way of viewing the world -- a place to create, to take things apart and put them back together. They know how to persevre and try, try, try again. A maker mindset requires critical thinking, problem solving, and curiosity.” 

Robin Marx-Mackerly, MS, Teresa A. Byington,PHD, Sarah E. Wright, MEd, Cathryn L. Peshlakai,MEd.. Making Space for Preschool Makerspaces.(Gryphon House Inc. 2021). 3 

What is a makerspace?

“A makerspace is a metaphor for a unique learning environment that encourages tinkering, play, and open-ended exploration for all”

-Laura Fleming, author, Worlds of Making

Do you offer camps?

We understand how challenging it is to find safe, appropriate child care for preschoolers during school breaks.  We are in communication with several third party programs to coordinate a variety of appropriate options available in our space.  WonderCrafters may be one of those options.  We will keep the website updated with camp options as plans solidify.  As for summer 2024, WonderCrafters will be offering 4 day camp options.  Please see the "Camps" page for details.

Do you offer scholarships or sibling discounts?

As of this time, we are unable to offer sibling discounts.  Instead, we offer scholarships based on a widely used local rubric.  Please contact our director for further questions. 

Is WonderCrafters associated with Clearview Sudbury School and Genesis Creative Collective?

The short answer is yes.

Genesis Creative Collective is a hand picked group of programs that work together with Genesis Church to help support our local community.  Learn more about the GCC here: 

Clearview Sudbury School is a self-directed democratic free school for ages 5 - 19.  Clearview has been located on the Genesis Church campus since 2010.  In 2023, Clearview determined there was a strong need for more preschools on the East side of Austin.  With school meeting approval, Clearview opened up their campus to offer a preschool incubator.  The incubator plans to support and launch multiple preschool programs.  WonderCrafters is proud to be the first program in the incubator.  Learn more about Clearview Sudbury School here:

What does a preschool makerspace look like?

Imagine a play-based program with the addition of a corner filled with bins of random recycled parts, paint brushes, cardboard, glue, and tape. As the year progresses, children are introduced to age appropriate tools. Outside, past, the mud kitchen, are piles of plain cardboard and safe cardboard saws for building giant structures, containers of paint, large swatches of fabric, fun noodles, pvc pipes and connectors for fort building and various forms of “junk” that add to creative play. Children are deeply engrossed in their activities. Teachers walk around ensuring that the children are making safe choices while honoring their space to play.